Butter & Vodka


what ever yuo wanna think about me is what i am ok its not true.
dont look to much cause im a shy person.
ok get seriouslly i am martin nice 2 meet u
im a freaky boy n i like to hear music
:D dont be selly ask something ok
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Las cacorradas q se encuentra uno en el refrigerio

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Redo of an oldie.

Prints and more in my Society6 shop!

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#baru #cartagena #colombia yeah budy (en Baru)

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#mangoconsal :E

creo que acabo de tener un orgasmo :E

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y lo hago ;D

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#pooltime #cartagena #colombia (en Cartagena)

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Ficci #cartagena #colombia (en Ciudad amurallada)

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Miss her :/

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#manguitoconsal yeahh

how much i miss snuggling with her 

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hare esto con mi hijo :D

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Soon #tees

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#cartagena #buque gloria